PPC Management

HVAC Plumber Marketing is ready to manage your PPC campaign on Google Ads. With a Google Certified PPC manager on staff, we can deliver quality results for local contractors. SEO is the best long-term internet marketing strategy, but PPC helps supplement leads while the optimization process is ongoing. As a full digital marketing agency, we can incorporate PPC into a larger strategy that will help generate leads for your business. Our goal is to maximize your ROI for both short term and long term marketing success. Learn more:

What is PPC?

Google Tools Displayed on Mobile

Google Ads on Mobile Device

PPC or Pay Per Click is a form of advertising on Google Ads which helps contractors show up on top of search results without having to earn it organically. Ads appear above organic results on search engine results pages (SERPs)

How Does PPC Work?

Contractors pay a fee each time their advertisement is clicked on Google. The amount paid is known as the CPC or cost per click. The more competitive the keyword, the higher the CPC. Business typically set a budget for how much they want to spend on paid ads, a number referred to as Ad Spend.

What Does HVAC Plumber Marketing Manage?

With a Google certified PPC manager on your side, you can maximize your campaign. Ads are chosen based on a variety of factors which are not limited only to respective bid amounts. Google considers the quality and the relevance of the ad, along with the user’s reaction to the landing page. Aside from creating the best possible campaign, PPC managers also maximize your ROI with budget control, Ad Spend evaluation, and more.

  • Ad Spend
  • Budget
  • Campaign
  • Landing Page
  • Quality Score

Landing Page Optimization

Contact Form on Landing Page Screenshot

Landing Page Call To Action

An advertisement is only as good as its result. That’s why many contractors end up blowing thousands on failed PPC campaigns. Once a user clicks on the ad, the conversion has not been completed. What they see after clicking the ad is what will determine their course of action. The page in question is known as a landing page, and its optimization is known as landing page optimization. It is critical for PPC success, and much like with SEO, requires in depth knowledge of best digital marketing practices. A good landing page has:

  • Call To Action
  • Contact Information
  • Consumer Incentive

Ad Quality Score

The highest bidder does not always receive the top ad spot on Google Ads. That’s because Google considers other factors (AdRank), including a qualitative metric; Quality Score. An ad’s quality score is based on several variables that demonstrate the quality of your ad. It levels the playing field for advertisers with less funds but superior skills or work ethic. If Google were to only reward financial advantage, the advertising marketplace would become watered down by conglomerates. Here’s what quality score is based on:

  • Ad Relevance
  • CTR
  • Historical Performance
  • Landing Page Optimization

Ad Extensions

Additional information can be added to ads as extensions. Google recommends using extensions that are most relevant tot he goals of your contractor business. Since you are a service provider and not a store, your goals will be different than a shopping center, for example. In cases like yours, the goal is to get customers to either contact you or to enter the sales funnel. Ways to achieve this through extensions include:

  • Call Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions

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